Thursday, 1 January 2015

Winter Skin Essentials

Moisture, moisture, moisture. Come wintertime, my skin is crying out to be smothered in oils, balms and butters. From bitter winds to blasting central heating and switching between the two, winter can be tough on skin. Not to mention all those Christmas parties with mulled wine and salty snacks…

So, here are my top natural solutions to our parched complexions.

Coconut Oil
This is an all-year-rounder in my vanity essentials and it packs a punch. It is a heavy oil, so I like to smother this on at night time before bed and give myself a facial massage while I’m at it. It’s high in beautiful saturated fats and smells amazing. My skin drinks it up! I recommend organic, virgin (cold-pressed) coconut oil for the best quality.

Shea Butter
An excellent butter for chapped lips, dry cuticles, even sore or red nostrils if you have been suffering from a cold or flu. I always keep a small tub of this stuff on hand for moisture emergencies. I also use it as an ingredient if I am DIY-ing lip balms, body butters or massage bars. The whipped stuff is easier to use but plain old shea butter will do the job just as well!

Carrot Seed Oil
This stuff is just ridiculous. The smell may take some getting used to, I hated it at first but now I associate it with amazingly soft skin. I put a few drops into a bottle of argan oil and use as a skin serum. It would also pair well with any other light face oil such as rosehip. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Clean Cauldron
If you haven’t yet tried out Viv’s skincare goodies, please give them a go! Her body moisturisers and lipbalms are heavenly. They smell delectable and have a wonderful whipped texture. I can’t wait to stock up on more!

Steam Cream
Sometimes I prefer the texture of a cream product instead of an oil. Steam cream is one of my favourite moisturisers. It is scented with lavender and somehow reminds me of the smell of Sudocreme! I love that you can get loads of limited edition tins and then re-use them for whatever you want. I’m a sucker for tins. (contains parabens)

Pai Skincare
Pai do an amazing range of skincare products, if your budget stretches that far.. You can try samples on their website for €6 and they often have sales, so keep your eyes peeled! Their moisturisers are particularly top-notch. Personally I love their Macadamia moisturiser at this time of year, even though it is marketed for aging skin.

How many of you will be gifting skincare items for Christmas? Let me know what natural goodies you’re selecting for your friends and family this season!

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